Bluegrass Babydolls

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Guardians of the Flock

Introducing a future endeavor of Bluegrass Babydolls:

Kentucky Kangals!

Kangals are a rare livestock guardian dog from Turkey.
Bella and Braden will be providing beautiful LGD puppies in the future.

Bella Blue (left); Braden mentored by Madison (right)

emmie meets lambs  bella guarding sheep
What's your name?                                       I got this!

(Bella and her flock)

Bella makes sure no coyotes get the sheep food


Who's guarding who?


We just can't seem to have enough guardians!
Cane and Sugar
Cane & Sugar

Well, he thinks he's a guardian
We're not gonna tell him different

Our newest addition:
Beulah and her baby
Beulah & her baby girl, Lola

Beulah and her baby boy, Elmo